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Thank you for taking the time to read my short about page, My name is Aiden, I am music composer. I write quite a wide range of genres, Orchestral fantasy music to indie/folk. As well as my public releases, I started my musical journey as a classical guitarist and performer, before my love of creative media brought me into the world of fantasy orchestral music creation. I have been a musician and played video games my whole life, combining the two to create the music I want to create and the stories I wish to tell.

I (and the awesome people I have worked with over my career) have released six albums, Most albums are based on ancient mythologies and concepts, I love exploring old mythologies and musical interpretations of these. I also try and incorporate unique instrumentation in my work, featuring multiple rare and ancient instruments i have built myself. (Empyrean, Astaria, Revelations) Outside of my modern orchestral work, I have also composed neo-classical piano works in collaboration with my friend Daniel A. Ward. (The bridge Between Worlds)

I also worked on the indie/pop album and film soundtrack Six years in the making, Twice Above the Atlantic with my close friend Marcus Warner, The album and film 
is a coming-of-age documentary celebrating the spirit of youth, challenges of travel, and pursuit of the great American road trip.


I am currently expanding into video game creation and also working on a ancient Norse inspired album, taking inspiration from the nine realms of Norse mythology, featuring a host of Scandinavian singers and instrumentalists, combining ancient instruments with modern orchestral writing.  

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