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The Bridge Between Worlds is a 5 piece piano collection written in collaboration with my close friend Daniel A. Ward. Inspired by some of the themes and characters surrounding one of our favourite shows, Avatar The last Airbender. We really hope you enjoy it and thank you for all the kind messages and support, it really means so much to us.

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Twice Above the Atlantic started about 2 years ago, the album is written entirely by myself and Marcus Warner. Marcus had been working on a feature film for a few years when we decided to work on the soundtrack together, having met at university and quickly bonding over our love of Howard Shore and French horn,  Each track is written with the memory of the times and travels that was experienced in America, Marcus spent his gap year in New York, while i spent a year in Florida. 


The album is an expansion of genres of what both me and Marcus have worked on before, Venturing into the world of folk, pop and electronic, The music captures the wilful spirit of adventure and  is as varied and unique as the different locations discovered from the time we spent in the states. We where lucky enough to work with a wide range of wonderfully talented artists and after journeying through Spotify and YouTube playlists, we eventually found eight artists who were kind enough to lend their vocal talents. Each artist as varied and unique as the different locations of America.

We have released 5 singles from the album, which are available on all digital storefronts and streaming platforms 

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Meet the artists featuring on Twice Above the Atlantic

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Humble He


Holley Maher


Racheal Nemiroff

Zach Kleisinger


Jeffrey James

Sweater Boy

Jonny Morgan

Abigail osborn

Twice Above the Atlantic is available in 2 different versions, the standard release of the album is available on all digital storefronts and streaming services, The Road Trip Edition is available online and also in physical format, as a LP inspired CD featuring all tracks, additional and exclusive cues form the film and instrumental tracks from the album. This option is also available in cassette format. Pre order for all versions of the album will be available on the 20th may 2022, with the standard version coming june 10th and the road trip edition coming the 24th june 2022.

22.05.15 - CD PreOrder Stills_1.8.1.jpg
22.05.15 - CD PreOrder Stills_1.4.1.jpg
22.05.15 - CD PreOrder Stills_1.2.2 1x1.jpg
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Revelations was inspired by the darker mythologies of the the middle ages/dark ages. Music pieces based on gothic folktales. The opening track revelations centres on the creation of the world and the album progresses through to modern times. Orchestral music and solo piano compositions feature in this album.



Astaria was inspired by the mythologies and cultures of ancient Celtic and Druidic times. based around a concept of exploring a new world where nature and magic exists. Fantasy orchestral music mixed with exotic world instrumentation. 



Empyrean was inspired by the gothic mythologies of the medieval period. Empyrean is the highest point of heaven, where light and fire rule, fantasy orchestral music with a gothic undertone. 

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